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Current House Rules: Numeric alignment system from BoDM 1 (reason: gives more direction with your alignment, allows DM to shift alignment due to actions more easily)

Maneuver system from BoIM (Reason…it’s fun)

Skill Stunts from BoIM (Reason…see above) Alternate Bard from CBoEM (Reason: makes it more bardlike) I have the book here if you want to see the differences.

Seven Seas – swashbuckling adventures Pirate Class Archaeologist Schools similar to Schools from the Path series of books. Need to convert.

Dodge Feat +1 dodge bonus applies to all foes in a round Reason: streamline play, and make dodge more than just a pre-req for another feat.

Keen/Imp Critical These do stack, the second instead of multiplying it again, improves the crit threat range by “1” only.

Common Skills These skills may always be taken as if you have it as a class skill. Swim, Spot, Search, Listen, Craft.

Role-play/Crack-up awards will no longer be in Experience, Instead action points will be awarded.

New Rule Spells and Magic Items which are not in the core books (or Splat book, if playing a splat character), must be learned through research, with knowledge skills, or found in treasure hoards. (This is to represent Eberron flavor)

Action Point Uses: Second Wind: You may use an action point to heal Action Die+1 HP/level

Diehard: Instantly stabilize at a negative HP status.

Hard to Kill: Whenever you would have to make a save versus a death effect, you may burn an action point to instantly save versus the death effect, this point MUST be burned before you roll, if you fail the roll, you may not burn the point as an afterthought.

Death and Dying: (adapted from Iron Heroes) When reduced to -10 HP, players do not automatically die, a Fortitude save must be made with a DC=[-HP] . At -10 HP or lower you may not stabilize by yourself. Someone must heal you with magic or a heal check. The only way you may stabilize yourself is to spend an action point to stabilize. When you hit -10+ HP you must make a FORT save versus death prior to any action point use. At -10+ HP you lose 1 CON per round until stabilized. When you reach 0 CON you do Die.

Wand Rifle from RotRL A favorite wand for a Wand Rifle is a Scorching Ray Wand, Magic Missile is also popular. Fireball wands are also quite popular.

Schools from the Path series of books These give a player an additional boost, and make experience more equal when you have a character spending XP on Item creation. A school takes only 1 feat to gain future access to all the benefit levels of the school. Obviously a school can be taken as a fighter/monk bonus feat. Instead of the 100XP for the first level of the school, you take the “School Feat”

Path of the Sword Soldier of the White Shield – House Deneith Vinekeepers – Eldeen Reaches Order of Illaniel Veruthien Slayers –Aerenal Elves Anrath Betrayers – Druids of the Talaxian Duellists – Fist of Ramos – Jadan Spearmen

Path of Faith – disciplines Black wood herbalists Anrath Naturalists Moonrunners Warriors of the Phoenix Skeptics of Rath Voices of Soluvo Healers of the White Hand Lionguard Dreamseekers Golden Shield

Path of Shadow-Schools Blade Dancers Confidence Man Master of Disguise Master of Venoms Razorfiends Shadowlurkers Trapspringers Unfettered Falcons

Path of Magic – Traditions Stormweavers – Followers of the Devourer? Arcane Marauders Galvanar Spellmasters -Aundair Telwar Pyros Celestial Chorus – Silver Flame? Snakebrine Carharte Timekeepers

Shard Weapons Dragonshard Pistol, Heavy exotic 995YK 2d6 damage (20/x3) Range increment:60’ Cost 250gp wt:6

Dragonshard Pistol, Light exotic 994YK 1d10 damage (20/x3) Range Increment:60’ Cost 225gp wt:5

Dragonshard Musket exotic 998YK 2d8 damage (20/x3) Range Increment:100’ Cost 400gp

Dragonshard Cannon exotic 999YK 4d6 damage Cost: 2500gp wt:500

50gp to replace the dragon shard (lasts until a critical failure – it shatters) 12 shots of Dragon powder (alchemical substance DC 25 to create) 12 lead bullets 1gp wt:1 12 silver bullets 12gp wt:1 dmg (-1 die type) 12 byeshk bullets 100gp 12 adamantine bullets 100gp

Reload time: 1 minute (quickload 5 rounds)

The dragonshard pistol works by having a Khyber dragonshard mounted on a lever, when it gets close to the dragon powder, it reacts and causes the dragon powder to explode, propelling the bullet out of the barrel.

Distribution: First pistol created in 994YK, 2 months before the end of the last war. Created in The Lhazaar Principalities, by Crendar Zandrell. By 996YK dragon pistols are uncommon in Lhazaar, and rare in the rest of Khorvaire. By 1000YK, dragon pistols are common in the principalities and uncommon in the Khorvaire.

Weapon Boost Feat Prerequisites: weapon focus

Choose A weapon that you have Weapon Focus in. When you spend an action point to influence an attack roll made with the weapon, you also add the result of the action point die to your damage for that attack.

You may select this feat multiple times, each time with a different weapon.

You may select this feat as a fighter or monk bonus feat.

Tactical feats no longer feats but are tactical maneuvers. They may be used by characters that meet all the pre-reqs. No feat must be taken. They are perks of having the pre-req feats. Reason: tactical feats are so limited as to not matter.

Magic Items from EQ system.

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