Hmok Fhen

Dino Rider


Hmok Fhen (Halfling; L(7)/G(5) Drd3/Ftr2)

STR 16 / +3 AC: 19(21) / FF:17 / Touch: 14 DEX 15 / +2 HP: 43 CON 13 / +1 Fort: +8 INT 16 / +3 Ref: +5 WIS 15 / +2 Will: +6 CHA 10 /— Init: +2

Equipment: Rhino Hide Armor, Heavy Wooden Shield, +1 Lance, MW Scimitar, Talenta Boomerangs (3)

Skills: +9 Climb, +10 Handle Animal, +5 Hide, +6 Intimidate, +9 Jump, +13 Knowledge(Nature), +6 Listen, +3 Move Silently, +26 Ride, +4 Spot, +11 Survival, +5 Swim

Feats: (B)Nomad, (M)Animal Affinity, (1)Mounted Attack, (F)Ride-By Attack, (3)Talenta Dinosaur Bond, (4)Spirited Charge, (5)Power Attack /// FLAW: Illiterate

Special Abilities: +2 Save vs. Fear, +1 all Saves, +1 to attack w/Thrown Weapons & Slings, Enhanced Link, Animal Companion (Klingat), Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Spontaneous Casting, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step

Attack: +9 Lance (1d6+5) – or – +9 Scimitar (1d6+3) – or – +8 Talenta Boomerang(s) (1d3+3 Subdual)

Full Attack: Same (but generally uses Charge and Power Attack)

Klingat (Magebred Clawfoot)

STR 24 / +7 AC: 27 / FF:21 / Touch:17 DEX 22 / +6 HP: 44 CON 19 / +4 Fort: +8 INT 2 / -4 Ref: +10 WIS 12 / +1 Will: +2 CHA 10 /— Init: +6

Equipment: MW Leather Barding

Skills: +15 Hide, +26 Jump, +10 Listen, +10 Spot, +10 Survival

Feats: (1)Run, (MB)Multiattack, (4)Dodge

Special Abilities: Enhanced Link, Share Spells, Extra Tricks: 2, Swift Bred: +10’ Movement, Excellent Learner, Scent, Low-light Vision

Tricks: Combat Riding, Assist Defend, Hunt, Track, Hold

Attack: +10 Talon (1d8+7)

Full Attack: +10/+10 Talons (1d8+7 each), +8/+8 Foreclaws (1d3+4 each), +8 Bite (1d6+4)


Hmok was raised by a rather reclusive clan out on the Talenta Plains. Through his childhood, he had always held a better understanding with animals than with other halflings. As such, he spent most of his time tending the hunting dinosaurs. He hasn’t had any particularly close relationships outside of family, but hasn’t desired them either. He has found all the emotional fulfillment he desires with the dinosaurs.

By the age of passage, he had proven more than a few Druidic Talents, but had so far removed himself from society (in favor of the dinosuars) that his communication skills are severely underdeveloped – he has no comprehension or understanding of written word. Upon completing his first solo hunt, a rhinoceros (which became his armor), the Lath felt it appropriate to commemorate Hmok’s extreme dedication to the dinosaurs. A deal was struck that House Vadalis would provide a Magebred Clawfoot, with Hmok’s assistance. Hmok was able to raise his Clawfoot from egg to adult in the few years he spent in the Eldeen Reaches. In return, he related to House Vadalis all he knew about the life of the dinosaurs, their care requirements, and much else (which was rather extensive, and due to his lack of literacy had to be taken in dictation) – Normal and Magebred Dinosaurs should be a new product House Vadalis can provide given some more time to refine their new knowledge. Hmok feels an emotional bond with Klingat similar to a marriage. Knowing how rare it is for Houses to work together, Hmok would be willing to do some rather extreme ‘work’ for House Vadalis as his own repayment for their providing such a spectacular companion to him – what prices may have been paid on his behalf by the Laths that were involved is unknown to him.

Hmok’s hunting mask is made from the skull and jaw of a Fleshraker with its spinal spikes as horns.

Hmok Fhen

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