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  • Coin Lord Yorrick Amanatsu

    Yorrick Amanatsu, one of the founding Coin Lords, over 260 years old, this dwarf Controls The Stormreach guard and the districts of Respite and Silverwall He is known to be allies with House Kundarak and The Red Ring. His enemies number House …

  • Coin Lord Kirris Sel Shadra

    One of the Coin Lords, Kirris is the current Coin Lord of the Sel Shadras. Kirris controls the Oldgate and Southwatch districts. She is allies with House Thuranni and the Hollow Shards. Her enemies are mostly the Swords of Karrn and independents …

  • Coin Lord Paulo Omaren

    Paolo delas with the cities infrastructure. She also has the Stormreach Forge as her family business. She controls Forgelight and The Temple District. An enemy of Yorrick Amanatsu, she has powerful allies with House Cannith, House Deneith and The …

  • Harbor Lord Jonas Wylkes

    Jonas has control of the docks and tariffs in his district of the Harbor. Jonas is an enemy of Yorrick Amanatsu. With the allies of the Aurum, The Golden Lions and House Lyrandar to protect his interests.

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