Grasp of the Emerald Claw

History of the City from Chinxero

Chinxero begins a long tale of the history of the city. It appears his speech is much better than he originally displayed, perhaps that was part of his bargaining. “Stormreach has a remarkable history my friends. Tens of thousands of years ago, a city built by giants stood on the same location, obvious from looking at the gigantic ruins. The city’s remnants are visible throughout Stormreach, including the great statue that overlooks the harbor, the rings of standing stones that radiate magic, and the colossal walls that divide the city districts. Sahaugin and Thri’kreen comunities left their own marks on the city as well. The indestructible statue of Eldred’s Pool in the center of Locksmith square is one of the relics they left behind, it is always filled with purifed water, so if you need water, get it from there. Though the inspired agents tend to steer clear of the statue for it has some property that terrifies them. ”

Chinxero spins the tale deeper. “In the decades before the war, around 800 YK, Riedra had been exploiting Xen’drik’s resources for centuries, yet Brelish and Zilargoan smugglers probed the coast. As trade flourished in the Thunder Sea, pirates from Breland, Cyre, Zilargo and even The Lhazaar Principalities began preying on ships there. “

“Piracy and smuggling grew ever more profitable in the region, and captians needed a base to resupply their ships. Smugglers established hideouts along the coast, but most were quickly destroyed by monsters or marauding dark elves.” Chinxero looks a bit awestruck as he mentions the drow. ” The captains neeed a secure refuge. Some claim it was Delera Omaren, Pirate Queen of the Thunder Sea. Others say it was Kolis Sel Shadra, the wily smuggler…said to have a spectral fleet.” The lizardman crosses himself with a warding gesture as he whispers of the spectral fleet. “Whoever began the project, it soon became a joint venture, with many captains contributing resources in exchange for sanctuary, the walls of the giant ruins provided simple fortifications, and jungle predators seemed to shun the ancient city.”

Chinxero continues his tale. “The outpost grew and prospered, as did piracy on the Thunder Sea. Delera Omaren and Korchan Amanatsu left bloody wakes, and emboldened pirates began preying on on Zil, Aerenal and Lyrandar shipping. During this time, the dragonmarked houses had become increasingly interested in Xen’drik’s hidden resources.”

“With pressure mounting from the dragonmarked houses, in 800YK King Galifar moved to bring an end to the piracy. Galifar’s greatest strength was on land, but the royal navy was still a force to be reckoned with. After a battle with bitter losses on each side, a gnome smuggler appeared in the court of Galifar. Kolis Sel Shadra was known as the smuggler who completed the Kessel Run in under four parsecs” Chinxero chuckled. “A smuggler who’d never been known to lose a cargo. He represented the four most powerful pirate captains of the Thunder Sea, The dwarf Yorrick Amanatsu, Delera Omaren, Molou Lassite and himself. He offered truce in return for amnesty and authority over Stormreach, the four would use their considerable influence to disperse the pirates. After extended negotiations, King Galifar agreed in 802YK, on the condition that one of his representatives would rule alongside the four pirate captains in Stormreach, and he would join with the dragonmarked houses in funding the city’s expansion. The fifth lord would be someone Galifar trusted, and after much debate, Jolan Wylkes became the First Harbor lord, who would rule alongside the four piratelords who would come to be known as the Coin Lords. The five together would be known as the Stormlords. Jolan Wylkes and his descendents would uphold their bargain, as would the Coin Lords.”

“Wait, don’t wander off…” Chinxero pipes in. “I’m almost done” He continues. “For nearly two centuries, Stormreach has grown and prospered. Several dragonmarked houses have established sizable enclaves in the city, and the kuryevas of Molou’s Distillery is prized across southern Khorvaire. There have been times of trouble, The Omaren revolt of 890YK, and the giant invasion of 946YK, but the city perseveres. Today with the great war over, Stormreach is stronger than ever. Full of War veterans, misplaced mercenaries and deserters.”

Chinxero the sage

Chinxero gives a lesson about the Criminal elements of Stormreach.

The prominent gangs and criminal powers are The Bilge Rats, The Hollow Shards, The Night Tide, The Quickfoot Gang, The Shrouds and The Titans.

The Bilge Rats are a vicious gang that dominates the Harbor District. Their name comes from their fondness for trained dire rats, and for having said rats chew off the faces of anyone who crosses their gang.

The Hollow Shards are and alliance of forgers and con artists spread across the city. Augurs cartographers, guides and others could always turn out to be Hollow Shards so be on your guard.

The Night Tide…The black market of Stormreach, a source of many goods restricted under the Code of Galifar…including flesh…

The Quickfoot Gang is an organization supposedly coordinating many of the other criminal elements in the city, who knows the truth.

The Shrouds, a street gang whose members walk the streets in crimson shrouds. Rumors persist that some of their members are ghouls and zombies.

The Titans, A Gang of half-giants who believe they’re the true heirs of Xen’drik and all others, mind the giants, are interlopers. The Titans tend to pick fights with the smaller races.

There are many freelance criminals as well…always watch your back and don’t leave anything unsecured…

Welcome to Xen'drik

Captain Chendrix the Lizardfolk was stubborn about going so far up river, luckily Muroni paid for a substantial amount of the trip.

During the 2nd day, drow warriors were seen watching from the jungle, only to fade into the darkness of the foliage.

On the 4th day a Stone Giant assaulted the boat from the shore. The massive creature jumped onto the boat after a few seconds of magical assault, and was quickly dispatched by the party.

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The Search in Stormreach

After the run-in with the sahaugin, Itixlatl and Karena began to search for The Emerald Claw party and a group of mercenaries. Lady Elaydren had authorized payment of 500gp and 1500gp upon retrieval, for 3 additional adventurers.

In the Wayward Lobster you found an eccentric warforged of ancient design drapped with vines sitting with a Talentan halfling. After a quick introduction, you found that the halfling had seen the Emerald Claw forces head up the River Rachi. Upon mentioning that you were looking for hireswords, a human mercenary stepped up with guisarme in hand and offered his services as well.

With a lead on the claw and adventurers to boot, Itix and Karena headed to the House CAnnith enclave to procure a ride. When an old adversary, a warforged scout named Shiv, taunted you, asking where the ranger was…Itix was having none of that remembering his previous encounter with the ‘forged that left him paralyzed after punching his carrion juice covered body…

Shiv dropped quickly after the hirewords walked out to see what the warcry was all about…although no one made sure he was completely destroyed….

Murani introduced herself to the ones the prophecy foretold, asking if she would be allowed to witness the events to unfold.

Meanwhile...back in the jungle

The trip to Xen’drik went very poorly. Lady Elaydren was attacked and robbed by Emerald Claw soldiers, and the Warforged known as Scimitar in House 19. Lady Elaydren sent the adventurers after the schemas after deciphering the notes from her ancestor. To attempt to beat the Emerald claw soldiers to Xen’drik, their final destination, the Lady arranged to have a new undersea elemental vessal transport the party to Xen’drik. Unfortunately the vessel was attacked by Sahaugin and their Dire Shark, who did not take kindly to a new vessel invading Shargon’s Teeth without paying the toll…

The battle was horrific, The aberrant winged human paladin was swallowed whole by the Dire Shark. Another was captured by the sahaugin. The last adventurers to survive the assault were the Seren “barbarian” battledancer Ixitlatl, and the Human Sorceress Karena. The Elven ranger, bane of the ‘forged, was taken below by the sahaugin…never to be seen again?... Ixitlatl and Karena met with Lady Elaydren’s contact in Xen’drik…Lady Elaydren is arranging to hire new adventurers, the gold must be good to secure their loyalty in such a frontier town as Stormreach…

Character creation guideline

Replacement Character creation:

5th level

dice rolls: 4d6, drop lowest, reroll 1s.

Max HP at 1st and second level. use lower die than listed and add +2. so a Barbarian would roll d10+2, Fighter would roll d8+2, a cleric rolls d6+2 rogue d4+2 and arcane d2+2.

Standard gold pieces for creation.


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