Str 17(+3),Dex 18(+4),Con 13(+1),Wis 15(+2),Int 16(+3),Cha 10(+0)

AC:19 with armor 16 without armor


Weapon: Guisarme

Armor: Mithral Breastplate

Mnk2/Ftr3 BAB +4

Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +3

Feats: Leap of the Heavens(PHII), Combat Expertise(PH), Stunning Fist(PH), Combat Reflexes(PH), Improved Trip(PH), Weapon Focus (Guisarme)(PH), Short Haft(PHII)


Sent to a monastery at a young age, Daemon never knew his parents or where he was from. As he grew and learned there the monks became more and more worried, seeing that he had much turmoil underneath his calm exterior. finally tiring of his antics after he seriously injured another monk during training exercises Daemon was expelled from the monastery. Daemon traveled the country side for awhile and eventually attached himself to a band of mercenaries that called themselves “The Brotherhood,” They worked for the highest bidder during the war not caring about alliances or ideals. As Daemon traveled with them he learned many things and discovered his favorite weapon, the Guisarme. As he trained and went on campaigns with the mercenaries he became very flexible with the use of the Guisarme, allowing himself to attack enemies from unexpected places. Then when the war ended and Daemon felt that he had learned all he could from the mercenaries he left them and decided to “lone wolf” it. during his three years working alone work became more and more scarce, finally deciding that he should perhaps move on and find a different career Daemon overheard a group of people talking of their need to hire adventures…


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