Itxitlatl (Jaguar’s Paw) Human Battle Dancer 5th Level HP: 40 AC/FF/T: 19/15/17 STR 17 FORT 3 DEX 18 REFL 8 CON 14 WILL 1 INT 15 BAB 5 WIS 10 SPEED 30 + 10 CHA 17 INIT 4 CLASS FEATURES/FEATS: Simple WPN Prof, Improved Unarmed Combat (as monk), AC Bonus: CHA mod, Dance of Reckless Bravery (allies +4 vs fear), +10 Speed bonus (noted above),AC Bonus +1, Dance of Vexing Snake (tumble move distance w/tumble check); 2 wpn ftng (human bonus), Power Attack (1st lvl), Cleave (3rd lvl)

2 wpn attack (unarmed strikes) +6/d8+3/d8+2/x2/m/b/m Ranged attack (javelin) +9/d6+3/x2/30/p/m


Ixtitlatl is dark skinned with black hair and eyes from Argonessen. He was captured by slavers. Eventually he gained his freedom when the slave caravan was hit by raiders during the night. He was able to slip away. With nothing else but a talent for dancing he began performing to pay for food. A passing monk took an interest and showed him how to use his dancing moves as a form of combat. Once on this path he ran with it.

Because of his experience as a slave he will attempt to free slaves if the opportunity presents itself. If this entails killing the slavers he will kill them.


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