Grasp of the Emerald Claw

Welcome to Xen'drik

Captain Chendrix the Lizardfolk was stubborn about going so far up river, luckily Muroni paid for a substantial amount of the trip.

During the 2nd day, drow warriors were seen watching from the jungle, only to fade into the darkness of the foliage.

On the 4th day a Stone Giant assaulted the boat from the shore. The massive creature jumped onto the boat after a few seconds of magical assault, and was quickly dispatched by the party.

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When we all met at the ship this morning, the barbarian monk waited untill the boat was off shore before giving us the second half of our payment, as if we where going to run off with the promise of fun and 1500 gold hanging over our head, psh yea right.

It is outrageously hot and humid traveling up this stupid river, makes me wonder why I decided to live near a rainforest…

Still hot and humid but today we saw some drow looking out from the trees.

Another uneventful day, that warforged really needs to learn about personal space…

wow, had a lot of fun today! First thing this morning had a Giant throw a bolder across the bow of the ship after our mage wacked it a couple of times with spells it decided that it stood a better chance in melee!!! HA! hahahaha how wrong he was! I knew that if he had a chance to swing that club at a few people in our party that they would quicky go down, so I decided to take him down first. As he sailed through the air toward our ship I ran to where he was going to land and readied myself to trip him. He hit the ship with a huge crash and a mighty shaking. I managed to keep my balance and tripped his stupid ass! he went down with another crash and shaking, I quickly slashed him, then as he tried to stand up I attempted to slash him again but missed. The giant was extreemly pissed at me at this point and gave me a good solid wack with his club, nearly knocking me silly. I decided that he was better off on the ground and tripped and slashed at him again. when he fell this time I fell too. I knew I was done for when he stood he quickly brought his club down upon me, I could feel my bones breaking, I was almost too weak to stand. Luckly the Female elf that we picked up after the fight at the bar was close enough to give me some much needed healing. after a few more blows and another amazing trip by me the giant went down for good! Unfortunately there was not much in the way of treasure in his sack, we ended up dumping most of it over the side of the boat. Ahhhh what a day.

Welcome to Xen'drik

These, creatures, that seem to inhibit their mainland have strange ideas of honor. Back in Seren you did not get paid until the work you were comissioned for was complete to the buyer’s satisfaction. If he tried to cheat you there would be a meeting with one of the dragons. The loser would be eaten, half his belonging going to the dragon making the ruling and half to the victor, plus compensation for the work. And the constant complaining and lack of focus. I do not understand how these people manage to survive as they do.

Thankfully, we have left their version of civilization. While this place is not the land of the People, there is a rugged quality to it I find enjoyable. Perhaps after we have finished scurrying around for the Lady I will settle here. I doubt I will ever get passage back home.

A few days out we spotted a small scouting party of what the others called “drow.” They appeared lithe and graceful, and did not attack us on site. To me this says much about their restraint. Although their tattoos were not the same as mine, I could tell they served the same function. I spotted one fellow who’s mark signaled him out as the scouting leader and offerred salute. While he did not return it, he did not seem offended by it either. Soon they faded, realizing we were not a threat to their lands.

Yesterday we were greeted by some ugly beast of a giant. My javelins were uneffective against the beast. The giant jumped onto our ship to gain some advantage attacking us. It did not work out for him. The shady one kept sweeping his feet out by hitting it behind its legs, so that it couldn’t attack. Between that, the metal man’s lightning and the rain of blows everyone else used the giant failed to kill any of our party for the cost of his own. It surprises me such beasts manage to breed, given the intelligence displayed in attacking a well-armed vessal. Perhaps when we meet up with the emerald claw hooligans they will have a leader that can make a challenge out of us dispatching them. they are growing tiresome. Perhaps we’ll see Scimitar. My blanket is waiting.

Welcome to Xen'drik

Chinxero explains the attack was originally probably meant as a warning, but the sorceresses mystic attacks provoked it to attack fully. The giants were once much more civilized and intelligent.

Eighty thousand years ago, The giants of Xen’drik built a civilization that has yet to be equaled in the modern day. Storm giant artificers and wizards created artifacts of incredible power and wondrous places far beyond the skill of the greatest magewrights of Khorvaire.

Sixty thousand years ago, the dragons made contact with the giant kingdoms of Xen’drik and begin to teach the giants how to use arcane magic. The elves watched and learned from their place at the giants heels. The giants quickly master the arcane arts. The giants quickly master the arcane arts and create wonders unequaled today.

This civilization was shattered forty thousand years ago when the quori invaded Xen’drik through a gate that connected Eberron to Dal Quor, the realm of dreams. After years of battle, the giants called upon the power of the dragons to destroy the planar gate, which resulted in a cataclysm that shook Xen’drik to it’s core. The physical connection to Dal Quor was severed. Today the surviving giants are largely barbarians, living in the glittering ruins of their glorious past.

Who knew a lizardfolk could be so full of sagely information. It turns out that Wroalund was a lover of lore, and tended to talk everyone’s ear off…

Welcome to Xen'drik

“My recollection of Stormreach? Umm, noisy, overpopulated, and people never seem to get beyond their expectations – not really favorable for one our kind there. IVI is more interesting than the rest of the city, and he’s been inactive since before Klingat’s parents were hatched. Thankfully, IVI is very gracious and is allowing Klingat to stay at his home – and it is such a wonderful place to be. I found that the people here aren’t that friendly to our dinosaurs roaming with us, but they seem to have little or no problem with IVI’s eagle – not quite fair, I think it’s another ‘halfling’ thing.

Anywho, so we get back from a GREAT hunting trip, been working on teaching the eagle to fish for us and it’s not working well, and we hit up the Lobster for a few relaxing drinks – ok, I do, IVI just sits with me and has fun watching and listening to the ‘fleshies’. In walks a Seren, I can tell from the clothes, and some companion – they plop down at our table and drop a severed head on us asking about ‘have we seen more of these’. Thankfully, I had. Wouldn’t want to think what they would have done if we hadn’t. Turns out they are working some noble from House Cannith, just what I need – more ties to another House I don’t want – and need to track down a large group of Emerald Claw soldiers that supposedly came through here. Not sure about where they came from, but we had seen the group of them in an airship heading up river as we were coming back towards town. So I let them know as such and they are talking about giving me money to head that way with them – like I wasn’t going that direction for hunting again anyway? Heck, if someone wants to throw money at me for basically nothing, I’ll take it. Odds are, this will end up being a lot more involved than expected.

Sure enough, there was a LOT more to this than they let on in the beginning. Right away, they get attacked by some miniature warforged right outside the Lobster – gonna have to keep an eye on the clientele there in the future. The we aren’t even a week upriver and we have giants attacking the boat. I’ve been living in this steamy jungle for over a month and haven’t had a run in with one yet – not four days and these guys are attracting giants … doesn’t bode well, but I gave my word and they paid money on top of it.

Welcome to Xen'drik

I was lucky enough to get a pair of spectacles that actually fit as well as some new reading material to keep me occupied on our upcoming boat trip. I feel so scholarly!

We met the captain of the Marlow today. He’s a charming lizard man who can spin a captivating tale. Although he seemed very adamant about how far up the river he was willing to travel. That is, it took some convincing. And by convincing, I mean coin.

The day after we set off, we all noticed a gathering of dark skinned faces, veiled in the vines of the forest. I hoped to recognize the face of the dark one who paid me a visit sometimes when I was under the tree. He was a curious fellow. Always asking questions, never imparting many answers. I enjoyed his company, though he didn’t tend to stay for long. But none of these people were ones that I knew, and they obscured back into the shadows as quickly as they had appeared.

Day three went at a slow pace. I got some reading done, and got a good chuckle at my adventuring chums at what someone called ‘a rude wake up call.’ Rude! I was merely observing them sleep! And I was very polite, I didn’t make a peep! Rude, indeed. I was only patiently waiting to wish them a good morning as they woke.

Today was quite a rush of excitement. Of course, I was expecting something entirely different when I heard someone shout, “Rock!” I just love birds, and felt a thrill when I thought I had the good fortune to see the magnificent Roc that I had only heard stories about. I searched the skyline only to be unpleasantly surprised to see a large boulder hurtling towards the boat! I didn’t know what we did to get on the bad side of a giant, but there was no time to ask questions. All I could think of was that poor Boyd needed some kind of assistance. I summoned a dire eagle to join him in the fight. Really, what could they do against such a gargantuan beast, anyhow? I started to worry when he actually approached the boat. I thought I’d be busy healing my companions all night long if we were to face a giant in melee. His steps shook the boat, and many of us could barely keep on our feet. I managed to call lightning before I found myself on my back. My birds stood little chance to injure this giant, but fortunately he paid them little attention, in turn. What shocked me the most is that our mercenary managed not once, but twice to trip the towering beast. Now that takes guts. Defiant little fellow seemed to save the day. I like to think he’s beginning to feel an affinity towards his new pals. He would probably just claim he’s earning his pay day. But I know better. He’s a softy, just like the rest of ‘em. I just have to say how fortunate we were that our lady elf friend was able to stay on her feet long enough to heal our wounded dare devil. I wonder if she saw herself in that strange prophecy, too.

Welcome to Xen'drik

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