Grasp of the Emerald Claw

The Search in Stormreach

After the run-in with the sahaugin, Itixlatl and Karena began to search for The Emerald Claw party and a group of mercenaries. Lady Elaydren had authorized payment of 500gp and 1500gp upon retrieval, for 3 additional adventurers.

In the Wayward Lobster you found an eccentric warforged of ancient design drapped with vines sitting with a Talentan halfling. After a quick introduction, you found that the halfling had seen the Emerald Claw forces head up the River Rachi. Upon mentioning that you were looking for hireswords, a human mercenary stepped up with guisarme in hand and offered his services as well.

With a lead on the claw and adventurers to boot, Itix and Karena headed to the House CAnnith enclave to procure a ride. When an old adversary, a warforged scout named Shiv, taunted you, asking where the ranger was…Itix was having none of that remembering his previous encounter with the ‘forged that left him paralyzed after punching his carrion juice covered body…

Shiv dropped quickly after the hirewords walked out to see what the warcry was all about…although no one made sure he was completely destroyed….

Murani introduced herself to the ones the prophecy foretold, asking if she would be allowed to witness the events to unfold.


I was hanging out this afternoon at the Wayward Lobster with a drink in hand, comtemplating my shrinking wallet and perusing the idea of going into a legit and more lucrative buisness (but the money is so GOOD when you can actually find someone willing to hire ya!!). Just listenin’ in on other peoples conversations, hopen’ ta hear a tidbit about some people hireing. Well luck was with me today!

First this really odd looking warforged and a complete mook of a halfling walk in and sit down chatin’ with each-other. The warforged was made of some really old, hard looking wood and had some sort of plant all over it, and I swear I saw the halfling tying up a Dino out back… you never cease seein’ oddities round here, even after three years. At any rate, a real barbaric lookin’ guy and some sort of wizardly lookin’ girl (you know the type, no armor and a whole bunch of pouches…) walk in and plop down the helm of an Emerald Claw soldier next to the warforged and halfling askin’ if they knew the whereabouts of em, and saying they needed to hire a few more people. After they started spoutin’ off like that, right in the middle of a pub no less, I knew this would be no boring job. So I ambled on over and offered my services, needless to say they took one look at me and said yes. They told us to wait around and they would tell us where to meet them in the morning. Well my gut instinct about the job proved true, no sooner did they walk out the front door then I hear a barbaric war cry and the beginning sounds of battle. I ran out the door just as fast as I could so I could join in the fun. The battle was over far to quickly, but once it was over I got the first half of my down payment!

Though there is somthing not quite right about that barbarian monk, he dumped out all the poison and left all the equipment behind, we could have sold that stuff for a lot of money! Course I was a little distracted counting my money in a dark corner of the bar so I didn’t realize this untill later. I ended up buying a good deal of trail rations just incase our trip took longer then we thought it would seeing how the halfling said he saw the Emerald Claw traveling by airship into the woods. I spent the night with the warforged and the halfling prepairing myself for a new adventure.

The Search in Stormreach

It has been too long for me to recollect how much time has passed since my last opportunity to scribe a real journal entry. Since I have gotten back into town, I’ve been anxious to write down my thoughts. Some moons ago, a very kindly shortling took time out of his day to bring me back into the world again. What an unexpected change of pace, which was refreshing, because one does not get much pacing done being pinned under a tree. How lovely to befriend one of my druidic brethren. I will find the ideal way to repay his generosity. For now, I’ve offered for him and his dinosaur companion to make themselves at home in my old hovel. Which I was delighted to find three of the walls still standing after all this time! I also feel honored to have my winged companion always at my side, perched on my shoulder or trailing silently, scouting the world from above. He is my ever constant connection to the past and the future.

Today, the short one mentioned something about needing to knock back a few. Which I have never truly understood the need for, but I decided to keep him company, nonetheless. We found a table at a charming place called ‘The Wayward Lobster’ and wouldn’t you know it, but two more friendly adventurers joined our conversation, a robed female-type and a dark looking man-type. I could tell this was shaping up to be a very fruitful day, indeed. These two were here for information, and they certainly wasted no time. The squishy man types are so cute when they get all determined like that. You can imagine my surprise when the female plopped down a severed head on our table! She really did mean business. She announced to us that she needed the assistance of a few able bodied adventurers to help locate more Emerald Claw soldiers. Ones with their heads intact, I assumed. No sooner than the short one and I agreed to help, a mysterious fellow came up to us from out of the shadows in the corner of the pub to offer his services. I figured he must be a mercenary. Very concerned about the specifics of coin being offered to him.

I guess I must have gotten all caught up in the commotion of being in a lively, social place like this. Observing the mannerisms of the drunken, noisy humans just strikes me as humorous. Singing and embracing then smashing and fighting at the drop of a hat. Ludicrous! I hadn’t even noticed when my adventuring chums had all burst out the door to survey some kind of clamor out in the street. Naturally, I was eager to come to the aid of my newfound, fragile fleshy friends. Outside was a little warforged scout roughing up my new buddies. Figures. I have never gotten along with other ‘forged. They seem nothing but trouble. Well, at the risk of sounding trite, I guess my skills in battle have become a bit rusty. Admittedly, I was not much help in the fight. But my squishy human buddies could put up more of a fight than I imagined. Little spitfires, they are. I just wanted to scoop them all up for a big congratulatory hug. But I maintained my composure, as I recalled, the last hugging I administered caused unintentional injury to the poor fellow. Who knew bones were so delicate? Sometimes I don’t know my own strength!

The battle ended in our favor, despite my clumsiness. I think the dark one let his anger get the best of him, as he dumped out all of the poison vials that were on the ‘forged. Must have taken this attack personally. I can’t help but get the feeling that we forgot something, though…no matter, I suppose. I don’t suspect we’ll be bumping into any more troublemaking ‘forged any time soon. A sly little she elf had watched us ward off the scout, and seemed very passionate about some prophecy involving little ol’ me. Wow. I’ve always wanted my life to be prophesied! She tells us she wants to stick around to witness the unfolding of the prophecy. I can respect that. You can learn some very important things being an observer.

Tonight the female and the short one along with his sharp-toothed animal friend are here at my overgrown hovel. These soft little creatures are endless entertainment. Never a dull moment. Moving, moving all the time. Even as they rest! I hope we make some headway on our search, tomorrow.

The Search in Stormreach

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