Grasp of the Emerald Claw

Meanwhile...back in the jungle

The trip to Xen’drik went very poorly. Lady Elaydren was attacked and robbed by Emerald Claw soldiers, and the Warforged known as Scimitar in House 19. Lady Elaydren sent the adventurers after the schemas after deciphering the notes from her ancestor. To attempt to beat the Emerald claw soldiers to Xen’drik, their final destination, the Lady arranged to have a new undersea elemental vessal transport the party to Xen’drik. Unfortunately the vessel was attacked by Sahaugin and their Dire Shark, who did not take kindly to a new vessel invading Shargon’s Teeth without paying the toll…

The battle was horrific, The aberrant winged human paladin was swallowed whole by the Dire Shark. Another was captured by the sahaugin. The last adventurers to survive the assault were the Seren “barbarian” battledancer Ixitlatl, and the Human Sorceress Karena. The Elven ranger, bane of the ‘forged, was taken below by the sahaugin…never to be seen again?... Ixitlatl and Karena met with Lady Elaydren’s contact in Xen’drik…Lady Elaydren is arranging to hire new adventurers, the gold must be good to secure their loyalty in such a frontier town as Stormreach…



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