Grasp of the Emerald Claw

Chinxero the sage

Chinxero gives a lesson about the Criminal elements of Stormreach.

The prominent gangs and criminal powers are The Bilge Rats, The Hollow Shards, The Night Tide, The Quickfoot Gang, The Shrouds and The Titans.

The Bilge Rats are a vicious gang that dominates the Harbor District. Their name comes from their fondness for trained dire rats, and for having said rats chew off the faces of anyone who crosses their gang.

The Hollow Shards are and alliance of forgers and con artists spread across the city. Augurs cartographers, guides and others could always turn out to be Hollow Shards so be on your guard.

The Night Tide…The black market of Stormreach, a source of many goods restricted under the Code of Galifar…including flesh…

The Quickfoot Gang is an organization supposedly coordinating many of the other criminal elements in the city, who knows the truth.

The Shrouds, a street gang whose members walk the streets in crimson shrouds. Rumors persist that some of their members are ghouls and zombies.

The Titans, A Gang of half-giants who believe they’re the true heirs of Xen’drik and all others, mind the giants, are interlopers. The Titans tend to pick fights with the smaller races.

There are many freelance criminals as well…always watch your back and don’t leave anything unsecured…



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